We built Clinimetrix to analyze our own business. After 4 years of development it’s now the most detailed & complete tool for medical practices in Australia to understand almost every aspect of business and clinical performance.

A detailed view of your practice’s financial metrics allows you to understand GP billing behavior, the value MBS and non-MBS items, trends over time, year on year comparisons, and much more. At a clinical level, Clinimetrix offers pathology and prescription tracking – as well as diagnostic filters for patients to allow you to improve every aspect of chronic disease management and preventative health.

As the product is used every day by our own staff and GPs, we’ve continued to build on our experience and have recently added PIP QI tracking, In- and Outbound correspondence comparisons, and full accounts receivable monitoring for mixed billing practices that cannot be achieved from Best Practice or Medical Director.

Clinimetrix is a powerful and detailed business intelligence platform that allows each practice to see not only revenue opportunities, but also aid in the clinical management of patients.


How does Clinimetrix support my practice’s workflow and billings?

The system is very detailed allowing you to extract a large range of information at your discretion. This may be after-hours efficiency, average patient billing rates by GP, wait-time analysis, revenue per hour, or any number of other metrics. The initial benefit for us was as a means to support Preventative Health (PHT) programs and ensure that 75+, 45-49, and chronic disease patients were being seen more often. This led to an 80% increase in CDM/HA item billing in the first year of use. It has become far more valuable than that over the last 4 years.

How detailed are the reports?

We designed Clinimetrix for ourselves, so although there are over 30 report types, the way in which you use the platform ensures that the number of outcomes you get is almost unlimited. Clinimetrix does not lock you into a simple standard set of reports but instead offers the user the ability dive as deep in to the numbers as you wish. This ensures that the user sets the boundaries rather than being locked in to a fixed set of analyses.

What clinical analysis does Clinimetrix offer?

At this time we can search by patient condition, pathology results or medications taken. This can be analysed by demographic, practitioner or date and time.

Pathology results can be trended over time by multiple metrics. As patient conditions can often be free text, we have created a filter system that allows us to select by key words as well as the standard conditions provided in the PMS. Searches can also be done by billing type, item code, number of attendances, nursing visits, and key words. Clinical analysis is under regular review, and new reports are added based on feedback from our users.

Should I give everyone access, how many users do I need?

As the licence is per-practice and then user, every additional user has an annual cost associated to it. Given the depth of the tool, we would not suggest giving it to everyone. Instead, train one or two staff to build the reports as needed – with the goal to target a particular metric each month, along with the regular CDM/HA and billing awareness reports.

How much time per week should we invest in Clinimetrix?

  • Nursing, finance and management use it every day. Admin/operations probably once a week or less.
  • Nursing because it is extracting patient data communicating about services and making appointments.
  • Finance for accounts receivable. We are private billing and have a lot of corporate work. By checking our daily income trends, we can more easily manage cash flow.
  • Management use it daily for a wide variety of reasons which are to do with the oversight of all business processes.
  • Admin and operations use it for rostering and PIP income management.

Is it user friendly?

If you spend a little time with it, it is easy to use – but like most things, if you use it once a month you will not get the best out of it. As it is an extract tool, you can’t break it or damage the reports in any way. If you don’t understand how to use it in detail then all it means is that some of the reports may be less valuable to you.

Is it PIP QI compliant?

We created the reports to allow for tracking of all 10 PIP QI requirements. We have compared it to the standard reports from PEN CS and found it to be highly accurate, much faster, and allows you to easily compare time periods (none of which PENS can do). Your PHN requires that you demonstrate improvement – or at the very least demonstrate that you are seeking to improve. The implementation of the reports and the ability to directly compare periods should satisfy your PHN. It does for ours! Clinimetrix can also track eHealth uploads, so if you are ever concerned about your upload count you can monitor this daily.

Does Clinimetrix require server access?

Yes. Clinimetrix works by extracting data directly from your SQL database. For Best Practice, this requires Clinimetrix to be enabled as one of the listed third-party integrations within the software. Additional network connection configuration is also required.

The platform we use is compliant with the Privacy Act in terms of login control and storage of data. Our server infrastructure is hosted in a secure data centre.